Lynn Lennon – Inverell Family Youth Support Service

Best Enemies has provided the youth of Inverell with real life, relevant and practical advice relating to the devastating effects of bullying through its Workshops – in language that they understand. The program has seen a marked reduction in on-line and face-to-face bullying within the local high schools. The participants have learned the power of the bystander and now know that they can make a difference!”


Helene Baillie – Years 7 and 8 Co-ordinator – All Saints Grammar School

What an exciting start to high school life for our Year 7 students! They have just completed a two day program of challenging, team-building activities. Students were instructed on creating and maintaining positive relationships by Ross Bark and Marta Vickland from ‘Best Enemies’, regularly seen on the Sunrise program. They worked with Year 7 students to define, discuss and then burst stereotypes as nothing more than inaccurate generalisations. Thank you to Best Enemies most sincerely for their contributions to the pastoral program here at All Saints”


Lauren Carr – Youth & Community Development Officer – Bland Shire Council

I would like to thank you and Lee-Ann for coming to share the Best Enemies program with our youth and the general community. Best Enemies has had a positive impact particularly on the young people of Bland Shire. We have received a fantastic response from the community and would be happy to recommend this workshop to any school or shire wishing to run a cyber-bullying program”


Woollahra Youth Mental Heath Forum Ollie White – Community Development Officer

Thank you for being our guest speaker at the Woollahra Youth Mental Heath Forum. Your presentation was extremely informative and clearly illustrated many of the important factors in ensuring the mental health and well being of young people in our community. I’ve received some very positive feedback on the professional and impressive nature of your presentation”


Private Members Statement – Jonathan O’Dea MP Excerpt of speech delivered in NSW Parliament

“The film helps to combat cyber-bullying through increasing awareness of the issues. It is an educational and informational tool that respects young people. It is a proactive film aimed at preventing negative behaviour by showing the consequences of certain actions… …I again congratulate Ross and Darren Bark on their excellent creation”


Pru Goward Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly and Minister for Community Services

“Best Enemies is a film which conveys the reality that teenage girls face and is a true depiction of the devastating impact of bullying. I commend the Bark brothers for their efforts in creating this film and I encourage schools around the country to utilise this great resource. I certainly will be taking it to my schools in my electorate.”


Mike Neville, Mayor of Griffith City Council

“Griffith is happy to launch this initiative which openly confronts an issue that hits at the heart of many young Australians. Cyber bullying undermines the fabric of young community members by diminishing their self image and self respect. This initiative offers participants a chance to develop strategies to avoid being drawn into the bullying cycle.”


Marian Catholic College Captain, Domenica Polimeni

“It’s made me more aware of what bullying is and how it can affect people. I think the bullies watching it might come to realise the scars that it can leave on people right into adulthood. I’m taking away a lot from this film. As a leader it will help me understand how to help others who have been affected by bullying”


Kingsgrove North High School

“Very effective in visually showing the consequences of cyber bullying and how serious it is” “I think the film and workshop is extremely effective” “It is a big eye-opener and shows you how hurtful and terrible that one little thing can turn into something”


Griffith High School – Year 8 students

“The film and workshop was excellent and it helped to show how people can act to help their friends” “It showed us how bad bullying is and it has changed my point of view and my friends for the better”


Teacher – Kandos High School NSW

“Students were well engaged and the scenario was believable and very relevant and broke down the barriers between the issues and the students. The film provided an opportunity for students to reflect on their own behaviours and how they can have a positive/negative impact on those around them”


Teacher – Dubbo High Senior Campus NSW

“Best Enemies is a valuable tool within cyber safety educational programs which provides schools with a unique program that utilises peer to peer education techniques delivered in a relevant and contemporary way”