Ross Bark


Ross is an accomplished cyber and online expert, providing expertise on cyber safety and cyber security with a focus on behaviour and process improvement.


He co-founded the Best Enemies Education program which provides interactive resources and workshops to organisations, parents, teachers and young people to address negative online behaviour and cyber safety issues.


The program utilises the Best Enemies film that he wrote and directed to educate young people, teachers and parents on safe and positive online relationships.


In addition to his cyber safety work, he is an experienced digital specialist who consults to retail, wholesale and manufacturing organisations to define, drive and deliver digital technology improvement projects.



Darren Bark

Darren has been actively involved in a number of youth orientated programs, including co-founding and producing the Best Enemies Education Program which runs interactive cyber safety and anti-bullying education workshops in communities Australia wide.


He has previously represented disadvantaged youth across Sydney and greater New South Wales as a young lawyer, soon after completing his Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours) and been awarded the Dean’s Scholarship at The University of Technology, Sydney.


Darren was also a director of the Faculty Board in Law, Academic Board of UTS, the UTS Union and Haberfield Rowing Club.


Darren has also been selected to Judge the NAB Australian Youth of the Year by the Lions Club, International.