Cybersafety Study Guide (PDF)

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A comprehensive study guide about cyberbullying, girls, relationships and risky behaviour.

The guide includes information written by Robyn Treyvaud and Lee Burton, experienced senior lecturer, educator and expert writer of cyber safety resources including being a major contributor to the ACMA Cybersmart website.

Content includes:
1. What adults need to know

2. Information for educators

3. Cyberbullying by adolescent girls

4. What schools can do to deal with cyberbullying

5. Learning Activities

6. Other useful references and resources

The study guide is in Acrobat PDF format. Instant delivery via email and web download.

We recommend that you purchase the Best Enemies Cybersafety Resource Package to complement the study guide. (Please note that the Best Enemies Cybersafety Resource Kit contains the Study Guide in it)