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Best Enemies featured on Channel Seven's SUNRISE

Best Enemies featured on Channel Seven's SUNRISE program.

Watch the interview with Director Ross Bark, and lead-actresses Lee-Ann Simon & Ashleigh O'Brien. 

WIN TV - WIN News Story - Griffith Cyber Bullying

Gone are the days when a note passed between classmates was a serious form of bullying.
Now, the internet and mobile phones are being used frequently to bully teenagers.

Channel 7's 'The Morning Show' - Cyber bullying segment featuring Best Enemies

Watch the cyber bullying segment on Channel Seven's 'The Morning Show' program featuring Best Enemies Director Ross Bark, Producer Darren Bark and Psychologist Dr Simon Kinsella

National Nine News Interview with Best Enemies Founder

Best Enemies Director Ross Bark was interviewed on National Nine News to talk about Best Enemies and Cyber-Bullying. Check out the Interview here:

Best Enemies featured on

Best Enemies was recently featured on

Watch the clip here - featuring coverage from the premiere and interviews.